Mikko Kemppe

accomplishments and bio

Age 8 - Started his first entrepreneurial pursuits by selling He-Man figures to his cousins (1986)

Age 17 - Started his first official company for selling nutritional supplements to clients for losing weight and to improving athletic performance (1997) 

Age 19 - Moved to United States to play Basketball after receiving a scholarship to Division 1 Basketball Team (1999)

Age 20 - Began his intensive self-study of real-estate, spirituality, relationships, finance, entrepreneurship, health & nutrition, & leadership (2000)

Age 20 - Was nominated as one of the five players to Division 1 collegiate basketball Southland Conference Academy All-Star team (2000)

Age 22 - Received a Bachelor's Degree in Finance with honors (2002)

Age 23 - Became a Real Estate Investor to buy, refurbish, and rent houses to college students (2003)

Age 24 - Received a Master's Degree in Business with honors (MBA) (2004) 

Age 24 - Became a licensed contractor in Louisiana passing the state construction licensing examination (2004)

Age 24 - Founded two salsa communities in two different cities in Louisiana and taught over one thousand salsa students in the span of 3 years (2004)

Age 24 - Started a construction company and successfully completed several remodeling and housing projects for the city of Monroe (2004)

Age 25 - Began working for Dr. John Gray (Author Of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) at his "Biohacking Center" in North-California (2005)

Age 26 - Became a Mars Venus Relationship Coach (2006) 

Age 26 - Received a Master's Degree in Arts (M.A.) in Marriage & Family Therapy with the highest final examination score in his graduating class (2006)

Age 27 - Achieved financial freedom through his real estate investments (Passive income > Living Expenses) (2007) 

Age 28 - Founded a minimalist Urban Mobile Lifestyle experiment in San Francisco exploring living in a Mobile Home in an Urban Setting (2008) 

Age 28 - Started 7 blogs writing over 200 articles in relationships, business, dancing, lifestyle, & nutrition (2009)

Age 31 - Founded the Helsinki Salsa Academy, one of the top salsa dance schools in Finland now operating in three cities with over 150 students (2011) 

Age 33 - Became a World Salsa Summit finalist, one of the competitions considered as the World Salsa Championships (2013)

Age 33 - Founded Floating Helsinki having now served over 400 floating clients since its opening (2013) 

Age 34 - Become the 3rd place winner at the highest Senior I level in Finnish Latin Championships after two (2) years of latin ballroom training (2014)

Age 35 - Produced his first short movie: The Palladium Nights (2015) 

Age 35 - Founded and developed the Palladium Nights with the goal to further the arts, live music, and dancing scene in Helsinki

Age 35 - Founded the Biohacking Center Finland to help clients explore more of their innate human potential (2015)